How to Apply for High Security Registration Plates in Delhi: All You Need to Know

High security registration plates (HSRP) has been made mandatory by Delhi Transport Department for all vehicle owners in the national capital. HSRPs and colour-coded stickers must be present on all vehicles sold before April 2019. Violators could be fined up to Rs. 10,000. The application process is pretty easy and you only need to keep […]

Deep Nostalgia Brings Historical Photos to Life Using AI

Deep Nostalgia is a new AI-powered technique from online family tree service MyHeritage, which adds facial animations such as smiles, nods, blinks, and head tilts to still portrait photos. Using the website or mobile app, users can choose from a set of pre-recorded animations that can be transferred onto their own still photos. The service […]

This web browser you’ve never heard of is absolutely rapid, but don’t get too excited

With hardware becoming ever more powerful, even the most affordable laptops and computers now boast plenty of firepower. However, for users to reap the benefits of performance increases at a hardware level, applications must also be optimized to take advantage. According to software firm Ekioh, this particular dynamic is standing in the way of significant […]